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The Campfire

I Won't Leave! I Never Will!

One night, my family and I were eating dinner at the dinner table. My sister excused herself, and went downstairs to do homework, and my dad started to leave the room. So now it was just me, my mom, and my brother at the table. There was a small silence, then out of no where, there was music. It lasted just 1 second. We all jumped, and I asked, "Did you hear that?" My mom answered, "Yeah, did you?" "Yeah," my brother and I replied. So we were getting a bit creeped out by that, but pushed it aside.

Then,two days later, when we got home from a long day of school, and practice, I put my backpack down and went to open my (CUTE) dog's room door to let her out. She came out and wagged her tail like crazy, not caring what she bumped into, just happy to see her 'pack'. She started up the stairs, and I remained in the doorway of her room, just sitting there and smiling as the dog disappeared around the corner to greet another person. Then, behind me, I heard the metal banging on this sink that is in my dog's room. I jumped, turned, and saw nothing. I didn't touch it, and no one was in the room...."Sh*t," I whispered, then quickly got up and went upstairs and into my room to change.

When I opened the door and walked in, I turned to close the door again, but it was already closing (This has happened multiple times in my room before, but not like this.) So then, I change quickly, and when I try to open my door, it doesn't move. "Go away!" I demand of the ghost I KNOW is there. The door opens, then I hear a whispery voice say, "I shan't leave! I won't leave! I never will!" I kept getting an image of a guy in my mind, but pushed it away and ran out of my room to do my homework. CREEPY! I have two additions to my story. Just yesterday, when I was taking my shower in the morning, something scary occurred. There are two razors (for shaving), one is mine, the others is my sisters. Mine was under cap's, and then it was taken up and it flew at me. Luckily, it didn't hit. Then, today, when I was drying my hair, the shower turned on. I looked around, and water was running, then, it just turned itself off. Creepy.

Submitted by: Cornelia BlackFire, Washington State, USA

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