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All About Me (more or less)

My name is Ty Joseph, lead investigator for the team. But as a small team, we all wear many hats behind the scenes at SPIN. That being said, Im also the researcher, webmaster, and dutiful wife to Paul. I live in Sanford, NC with my husband, mother-in-law, and a rather imperious cat. During the day I commute to the Triangle to perform necessary labor to help keep the lights on. While ghost hunting in the dark is sometimes necessary and is great for atmosphere, life without electricity would get old pretty fast, especially during some of our hotter summers. For leisure, I have an affinity for books/movies in the horror genre and Fox News an odd combination, I know, or maybe not so odd depending on your social or political leanings.

Iwas raised in Maryland, south of the Mason Dixon line (Im always looking for ways to confirm my southern heritage), and my ancestors hail from the Sandhills region of NC, specifically Sampson County. Growing up I had a plethora of interesting and sometimes frightening activity and a natural curiosity for the paranormal. Some of my experiences can be explained away as imagination, for others youd have to have a pretty good imagination to explain away.

All things being equal, I consider myself a skeptical believer when comes to the paranormal, particularly ghosts and hauntings. I believe that following strict protocols to investigate activity leads to good sound results that support the legitimacy of paranormal research. I conceived the idea of this website to further the important exploration of things yet to be explained, to create a valuable resource for those with serious interest in paranormal phenomena and for those who need someone to listen, understand, and explain the paranormal phenomena they may be experiencing. So, with world-famous (infamous) Southern charm, I invite to you browse our site and to contact us if you need anything.

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