Haunts & History of the Sandhills - Meet Paul

Technically Speaking by Paul Joseph

My name is Paul Joseph. I have the distinction of being the technical supervisor to this organization. In other words, I have to carry all the heavy stuff and do all the grunt work involved in setting up cameras and audio visual equipment (without complaining, of course). I have a Masterís Degree in Communications, and my background is video production and multi-media, which means I will be able recognize some the technical abberations that can be mistaken for ghost or paranormal activity. I am approaching this from a Christian perspective but I do not assume anything about the topic of ghosts and hauntings. In addition to being a doting husband to my wife, Ty, I teach at a small private university in NC and I have authored several science fiction novels. I also spend time producing short video dramas, the subject of which is sometimes in the realm of the paranormal.

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