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Electronic Voice Phenomenon

Written By: David Windom, Founder of Carolina Paranormal Research Society.

This is a guide to help anyone interested in knowing more about electronic voice phenomenon or EVP. EVP has been around for decades but has recently received a lot more interest from paranormal investigators as well as the public. The movie ďWhite NoiseĒ helped shed some new light on this topic. Without getting too technical I will keep this pretty basic so everyone can get an understanding of exactly what EVPíS are. EVPíS are believed by many to be the disembodied voices of the dead that communicate using some type of recording device.

Usually an audio cassette recorder is used but with new technology the digital recorder is also being used with some good results. These ďvoicesĒ are captured by the device and usually not heard by the human ear at the time it occurs. But when the device is played back, voices and human sounds can often be heard. It is said that these recorders can pick up sounds too faint for the human ear. We know that we have a limited range of hearing. Dogs and other animals have a more keen sense of hearing and the dog whistle proves this.

There are three basic classes of EVPíS. A class A EVP is loud and clear and can be understood by anyone listening to the recording. These are what we strive for but they are rare. Class B is not as clear and may or may not be understood. These are a little more common. Class C can barely be understood and may be very faint. We find that a large percentage of EVPíS captured will probably be in this class. I have found that the equipment you use can too have an effect on the quality of the EVP.

The skeptics are quick to point out that EVPíS are nothing more than radio transmissions or come from other unknown sources. Great care has to go into account when you are attempting to capture EVPíS. My motto is when in doubt throw it out. You have to take into account every possible scenario when trying to decide if what you have is an EVP or not. I too have come close to being fooled a few times. We canít afford to be wrong when it comes to EVPíS. We lose our creditability especially with a skeptic if we present an EVP that proves later to be fake or tainted.

Well this should cover basic knowledge of EVPíS. I recommend advanced research and reading for more understanding or before attempting any EVP work. There is a lot in this field that is still unknown and new methods are always being tried and tested. Along with the ever changing technology of our world research into this field is always changing.

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