Sandhills Paranormal Investigations of NC - Equipment

Inside the Goodie Bag or Tools of the Trade

Below are illustrations of some popular instruments used to collect data during investigations. This list is neither comprehensive or inflexible. Some viewers may insist on the whole gammut of tools available - the more thrifty and sensible viewer will ascertain their own needs and purchase discriminately. I do not support or promote any particular brand of equipment as I have found that brand loyalty and tastes are entirely subjective in many cases. If I am aware of any particularly detrimental shortcomings I will make a note of it to advise visitors to my site. As always, you are free to leave your comments and opinions. For more information on any item, click on the picture to get more detail. Additionally, always make sure you have plenty of media for your equipment (examples: tapes and film) and always have back-up batteries for everything! In some cases battery issues can be avoided by not going digital for a particular instrument. Additionally, I do suggest that every ghost hunter's kit contain a minimum of tools in order to meet the expectations of an investigation. These items are distinguished by a . Lastly, please keep in mind that equipment alone does not make a good investigator. Learn proper techniques for conducting investigations and evaluating your results.

Happy Hunting!

Film Camera
Digital Camera
Cell Phone
Digital Voice Recorder
Digital EMF
Equipment Case
First Aid Kit
Gauss Meter
Motion Detector
Night Vision Goggles
Tape Measure
Thermal Scanner
Dual Temperature Thermometer
Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer
Thermometer Infra-red
Walkie Talkie
Work Lights