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Comments, questions, or suggestions...We'd love to hear from you. We do what we do, in part, as a service to our community, and we welcome any chance to get feedback from travelers who stop by and visit. Please notice that we have two links by which to contact us. If you require active assistance from the staff at Sandhills Paranormal Investigations of NC (SPIN), please choose the first link. This will guide you to the Office, where you can (with privacy & confidentiality assured) complete a form to request investigations or educational services. The second link will take you to the Parlor, where you can relax and tell us what's on your mind. This is also where you may submit your photos & stories. Whichever "room" you enter, we'll be back with you shortly. We look forward to hearing from you!

"Door to the Past" by Jill Battaglia 2007 Photo used with permission