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Classifying Your E.V.P.

Written By: Todd Bates, Haunted Voices

Since its discovery in the early 1950’s, Electronic Voice Phenomenon or (Evp) has been widely studied by paranormal researchers from around the globe. We have all been fascinated as well as confused by our findings and are constantly searching for more answers to our questions. With today’s technology, which is growing at a very rapid rate, we sometimes become engulfed in its possible capabilities. This technology has both helped and hurt us, causing some researchers to miss the “big picture” and focus more on quantity then quality of our Evp.

Sure, being “up to date” has its advantages but we must ask ourselves this: “Did past researchers need this to capture the phenomenon?” The answer is simply, no, they did not. Some of the best Evp that I have ever heard came from what we call “Old School” recording devices such as Reel to Reel or analog recorders. These devises are what the phenomenon was discovered with, so why do we not use them now? The answer to that would be technology. With new recording devices and computers, this older equipment has almost become obsolete! In the lessons, we provide at Haunted Voices, I have instructed hundreds of people on the basics of Electronic Voice Phenomena, and some of them have never even heard of an analog recording device. So just how serious are today’s Evp researchers? Trust me they are very serious, however, with all of the “hype” and publicity that Evp has gathered over the past few years many of them are left in the dark. It seems that no one has taken the time to explain to them either the basis of Evp or how it was discovered.

Some look at paranormal research as a hobby or something to do when we have the time but I assure you that those of us who do this on a full time basis find this quite shocking. Most of us will jump at the chance and take the time to explain it to those in need. This is somewhat of a silent oath we took and something that we feel we owe to our fellow researchers. It doesn’t take very long at all to spread the word about it and shed some light on the past Evp Pioneers. Trust me, those you enlighten will thank you for it in the end. A collogue of mine, Jeremy Pippin woke me up to this and I would not only like to thank him for doing so, but hope it helps some of you.

For a moment now, let’s talk about the Quality verses Quantity issue. As researchers, we need to work as a whole in order to achieve this goal. There are far to many “Territorial” individuals out there who feel it is their way or no way and that they will single handedly solve the mystery. This folks, has to be one of the most ridiculous claims I have ever heard of! I personally feel this will be a group effort and not a single endeavor.

With a higher Quality of EVP, comes not only reassurance of life after death, but also a reassurance to its existence at all. I have processed thousands of “so called” Evp and have heard everything from the recording of a television program to a screaming coffee maker! Now, how do you think the general public sees this? I promise you, they are laughing in our faces. People, these EVP’s are not hidden, these are everywhere on the World Wide Web! As researchers, we have to take this very seriously and can’t just blow it off thinking, “Well I didn’t record it so it doesn’t effect me”. Oh, it most certainly does! So, lets all do what we can to prevent this virus from spreading; educate these individuals, DO NOT make fun of them!

EVP quantity seems to be the goal and focus for many groups and websites out there. This has gotten way out of hand and really needs to be addressed by someone. If I hear one more person say, “Well, we have more Evp on our site then they do”, I’m going to be sick. Is there some kind of Oscar award given for this that I’m not aware of? People seem to be getting so caught up in the latest craze that they are missing the point and looking at the paranormal as a competition and not research. Peers and critics do not judge you by how many you have captured, but instead, by the Quality of those you have obtained. Quality is the key word here people, and to obtain and realize this Quality you must be educated. You can’t just fly by the seat of your pants!

There are several organizations, which are devoted to Evp education; Haunted Voices, American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AAEVP) and the International Ghost Hunters Society just to name a few. So, take the time to look them up, find one that best suits you, and by all means, educate yourself. These groups have made the mistakes and learned from them so you don’t have to.

Some of you may have taken offense to the above statements while others will support them. As I tend to voice my opinion and often have little regard for the controversy that follows. My way of thinking is what makes me a unique individual. I take full responsibility for the above statements and urge you to submit your comments and concerns to me personally.

With that said let us get back on track here. We have all used the classification system but do we really know how it works? This infamous system, was developed by my very close friend and mentor, Sarah Estep, has been used by all of us to classify our Evp files. I am talking about the A, B, and C filing system. This method of classification makes it easy, and has created a universal method, for analyzing our Evp. It is immediately recognized and still used to this day!

Now let’s get to the heart of this article and talk about Classification. Lets first start with the Class A Evp. A Class A Evp is one that is very audible and can be clearly understood without the use of computer or software intervention. These classifications, as well as the next two were developed by Sarah Estep to simplify our recordings. At Haunted Voices, we like to have our Evp files confirmed by 2 or more individuals before classifying them as an A. This helps to ensure their authenticity as well as their quality. Class A Evp are very rare, and although I have captured the majority of them on analog recorders, I have captured a few on the digital as well. To hear one of these classes, is unmistakable, and you should be able to do so without the use of headphones and straight from the recording device itself. Try not to mistake these for background noise or talking as this is one of the biggest traps for “false positives”. While in a recording session, be aware of your surroundings and try to note as many natural sounds as you can. As a rule, if you can hear it, note it! This will eliminate many of us scratching our heads later. Once all of this has been eliminated and you can identify the voice as authentic and not background, then and only then should you begin your classification process.

I have captured the majority of my Class A Evp by using the common Stationary Method where you simply set the recorder in a desired area and leave it to do its job. I have also captured them by using the Question & Answer method and this is a great way to help prove human and spirit interaction. You decide which method is best for you. Make this decision on your own and try not to be influenced by others. As long as you hold the education and are aware of each method available, then you are more then ready to make your own judgment and build your own recording foundation.

Class B Evp recordings are somewhat similar to a Class A but are not clearly heard by all. These recordings are usually mixed messages or jumbled words that the researcher can not clearly make out. These are not always at a lower capture volume and are sometimes just as audible or even more audible then a Class A. These seem to be the second most common Evp capture and although some can be cleaned or enhanced with software intervention, once a Class B always a Class B no matter how clear it becomes. You simply can not change the classification just because you weaseled your way into making it clear. The original capture value needs to be respected. Sure, its fine to post it saying it was cleaned or enhanced but be sure to let them know that it required your assistance to make it legible; don’t change the classification just to suit your needs or reputation.

Class B captures can be some of the most frustrating little files you have ever encountered, but then again, everyone enjoys a good challenge don’t they? No one clearly knows or understands why some of the words are jumbled or inaudible but this could be due to background interference, dimensional barriers, recorder or microphone quality, or just plain signal interruption. Personally, I have captured the majority of my Class B files using the digital recorder during the Question & Answer method. Although I really enjoy the challenge of these files, and hope you do as well, please feel free to contact our Evp analysis department should you become too frustrated or just want some simple clarification. We will be more then happy to assist you in any way possible.

Class C Evp captures are, by far, one of the most common. These files are mostly inaudible or very low whispers and usually require software intervention. Many researchers simply “toss” these aside, or even delete them entirely and I like to call this “Spirit Prejudice”. These files are just as important as the rest and should be treated with just as much respect. If you were talking to an audience and opened the floor for questions, but couldn’t hear the question from the person in the back of the room, what would you do? You would either ask them to speak louder or go to that person directly. You wouldn’t just ignore them, would you? Well this is the same concept. Some of these Class C Evp’s can be enhanced enough to make sense, however others just can’t be helped. These files, however, should be kept on file because as we talked about before, technology is creeping up on us and who knows what the road ahead will bring us!

There are several programs out there with a wide variety of features to help you enhance or process Evp files but please don’t overuse them, or use them as a crutch. These are simple tools and should be treated as such. Use them wisely. At Haunted Voices we offer advanced lessons specifically for this purpose. And although we use and recommend © Adobe Audition, this is not for everyone; it is expensive and not in every person’s budget. I have also used programs like wavepad © and Gold Wave © that can be great tools. Through available demo’s you will find what works best for you and your budget. Remember, on the website, help is just a click away if you need it.

The Class X Evp is a new classification created by Haunted Voices and means Reverse or “Unknown”. Reverse meanings contained in Evp have been around since the discovery of Evp but not quite researched or grasped until Hypnotherapist David John Oates discovered it in 1983 by finding reverse meanings in human speech. This seems to apply with Evp as well and although some claim it has no merit, I am a firm believer in its existence. To this day, I continue to research it further. For example, you may have captured a Class A Evp with a forward meaning of, “Can you help me?”, but when this is reversed using software, you may hear a hidden meaning such as, “Cross over”, or “To the light”.

Basically, the spirit is using a double statement somehow and actually saying two separate messages in one Evp. These meanings although rare, have occurred, and I was quite skeptical about them myself until it happened to me personally. Some of these Class X reversals do sound like “gibberish” or “garbled” and some feel it is all in our heads, but can they say for sure? No, they sure can’t and that is what keeps us battling for the truth of the phenomena and why we should respect it more then we do. To me, reverse meanings in an Evp are not demonic, back masking, or subliminal occurrences, but something that simply can not be explained.

Could this be a dimensional flip? Possible frequency change or just timing? No one knows why this occurs and that is what makes is so intriguing to us. So, do not judge a person by their beliefs, as this is not the answer. In fact, all you will find in doing so is the loss of a possible friendship. To find out even more about reverse speech I strongly recommend you visit David’s website at www.reversespeech.com and make your own judgments.

In closing, we all have our own theories and methods for capturing Evp. None of them are “set in stone”, they are our opinions gathered from experience, results, and overall communication with others. Be your own judge and before you step out the door to start recording, don’t just hit the record button and sit there and tap your foot; prepare yourself with education. In this field, knowledge is power and power is the key to unlock the answers we are all looking for. Last, but not least, please remember the pioneers that made this fantastic phenomenon known to us all. Respect their research and findings, and use them, as they are not broke just forgotten and lost with today’s fast growing technology. As the old saying goes “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”; simple words for a powerful meaning. Please feel free to contact us anytime by visiting our website www.hauntedvoices.com or email me directly at toddbates@hauntedvoices.com. Finally, we ask you, to please help us, help others in the education of Electronic Voice Phenomenon; share this article with someone you know.

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