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The Campfire

A Bedtime Story

I have had many experiences in my house. I am able to sense energies. My latest experience happened one night, around 11:30. I was upstairs sleeping, and heard an explosion. My husband wasn't in bed, so I sat up, wondered what just happened, and waited to hear what was going on, before I went downstairs. I heard the sound of broken I went down, and there was my husband picking up glass from a glass light fixture we have above our sink, the glass had just exploded. I didnt think anything of it and went back upstairs. The next day, I was talking to him about the night before. He said that when he walked in the back door, he had heard water running very strong. Thinking a pipe may have burst, he walked into the kitchen and found glass all over the floor and the sink running full blast. You have to lift the handle up to turn the water on, so there is no possible way that the light dropping down could turn the water on. Anyway, I was talking with someone about what had happened, and they said that this entity is trying to get my attention, and the exploding light was a manifestation of his energy. On another note, I saw a ghost in my house, standing in my door way. It scared me at first, but later I discovered that it was my neighbors son, who died in 1994. His mom, who was at least 90 years old, still lived next door. I believe he was coming to say thank you for taking care of his mom. The strange thing was, she came to my house just before this happened and asked for him. She said she has seen him in my back yard playing with the kids!

Submitted by: JH, Indiana

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